No Speed Limits!
To enable your business to grow and to enable you to acquire customers, CAMS has removed all speed limits from Mailback. However, in order to ensure timely response for your Mailback Requests, we request you to respect the following guidelines while making requests:

ReportDaytime Report PeriodOvernight Report Period
WBR1 - NAV for a PeriodOne MonthNo Limit
WBR2 - Investor Transactions for a Period One MonthNo Limit
WBR5 - A list of SIP Investors whose plans expire shortly One QuarterNo Limit
WBR6/WBR301 - My Trailer Fee Details --One Process Period
WBR7/WBR7A - Account Statement of my Investor(s) (PDF) 20 Folios200 Folios
WBR18 - My Brokerage and TDS Statement of Account One MonthOne Year
WBR25 - Dividends/Bonus Declared in period One MonthNo Limit
WBR33 - My Transactions for a Period - Night AutoFeed Format One MonthNo Limit
WBR34 - Non financial and Dividend payouts One MonthNo Limit
WBR36 - Brokerage summary by scheme One MonthOne Year
WBR40 - Transacted Folios Account Statement (PDF) One DayOne Week
WBR46 - Transactions that were NIGO and could not be processed One MonthNo Limit
WBR49 - SIP/STP procured for the period One QuarterNo Limit
WBR51 - Broker Incentive feed One MonthOne Year
WBR52 - Investors Redemption / Payout Despatch details One MonthNo Limit