Consolidated Account Statement - CAMS

This Consolidated Account Statement will show the entire view of your portfolio across mutual funds that are serviced by CAMS. If you have registered an email address in your folio, you can use this Mailback Service to obtain a Consolidated Account Statement at your registered email address.

This is an email-only service; if you have not provided an email address in your application form, this request cannot be responded to. For reasons of security the statement will be encrypted using the password provided by you, and emailed only to the address provided earlier in your application form.


This screen is intended for valid and authorized investors only. Illegal or unauthorized access could lead to legal action. As a precautionary measure and to prevent spamming, we allow 5 requests per day and 25 requests per month per registered email id.

Email is cost effective, reliable and environment friendly. We encourage you to register your email address with CAMS by writing to us under original signature. Providing an email address will enable you to participate in a host of E-Services.

Risk Factors: Please be aware that there is a risk that Consolidated Account Statements requested via email can be intercepted by hackers while en-route to your mailbox, or seen by unauthorized individuals if your inbox security is inadequate.

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