Mailback Services

Convenience is just a click away! CAMS Online offers a host of services to manage your mutual funds and other investments. You can now consolidate all your holdings in all Funds serviced by CAMS in one single report - and have it sent to you via e-mail.

Consolidated ActiveStatement

Your Account Statement is no longer a dull PDF! The CAMS Consolidated ActiveStatement consolidates all your financial information - across CAMS serviced Funds - and allows you to interact. You can view charts, request services, and update your account etc., all from within the statement. Try it now!

Consolidated Account Statement - CAMS + CAMSRep (eIA) - Now with PAN level view !!

Now discover the convenience of PAN level listing in your Consolidated Account Statement, that offers you a consolidated PAN level view of all your Portfolios across CAMS Serviced funds along with e-insurance policies from your e-Insurance Account with CAMSRep. Try it now!

Consolidated Account Statement - CAMS+Karvy+FTAMIL+SBFS

Get a single Consolidated Account Statement across your entire holdings in CAMS, Karvy, FTAMIL and SBFS serviced Mutual Funds and ePolicies in CAMSRep - right inside your mailbox. The only requirement is that your email id should be registered in all your folios. Get it now!

Consolidated Portfolio Statement - Now with Dividend Payout Summary !!

The Consolidated Portfolio statement that helps you stay updated on your Portfolios across CAMS Serviced funds, also features Dividend pay-out value for the current financial year, now. The statement also contains balances by security, Cost Value, Market Value, period of holding and return on investment. Try  it!

Consolidated Realised Gains Statement

Be informed about your Investment Performance, Capital Gains and Income for the current and last Financial Years, consolidated across CAMS serviced funds. The only requirement is that your email id should be registered in all your folios. Get it now!

Consolidated Transaction Details

If you are a large investor or a frequent investor and would like to receive your transaction history as an excel sheet for reconciliation with an Accounting system, this is where you can make the request. Get Report!

Single Folio Account Statement

You do not need a PIN to receive this traditional Single Folio (PDF) Account Statement emailed back on demand to your registered email address. Account Statements contain the last five transactions in the folio. Try it now!

Do you wish to say no to paper? Why wait for the Account Statement to be delivered by post after every transaction? If you have registered an email id, Set your statement delivery to E-mail here.

Consolidated Pay-In & Pay-Out Statement

You can now view pay-in & pay-out details in your folios as a consolidated summary. The statement provides subscription pay-in details and redemption/dividend pay-out and status details. Try it now!

Common Account Number (CAN) based Statement – CAMS serviced Funds

CAMS introduces Consolidated Account Statement services based on MF Utility Common Account Number(CAN), to provide great convenience to investors by allowing them the benefit of a single reference number that could be mapped to the CAN user's existing folios across CAMS serviced Funds. Try it now!

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