SMSback Service

The CAMS SMSBack service allows all visitors to obtain publicly available information, or investors to obtain information about their Mutual Fund folio based on SMS messages sent from their REGISTERED mobile phone. A registered mobile number is one that has

  • Been quoted in the original application form, OR
  • Added subsequently, under written and duly signed letter

Since confidential information about your account is sent to you via the SMSBack service, for your own safety we will only add a mobile number to your account under a written and signed instruction. This service is provided to you at no cost from CAMS or the Mutual Fund. However your Mobile Phone operator will charge you for SMS messages sent by you at rates fixed by them for such service.

The services available will increase over time. The services currently available are as follows:

Service How to use Example Response Available to
Latest NAV: This service will allow you to obtain the latest NAV of the specified Product (scheme) in the specified Fund. Send SMS as CAMS <Mutual_Fund_Code*> NAV <Product_Code*> to 56767 CAMS K NAV K03 The per unit NAV of <Product Code> as on <date> is Rs. <NAV> Public; any mobile phone
Help Service: For information about the SMSBack services available Send SMS as CAMS HELP to 56767 CAMS HELP A suite of SMSBack services is available from CAMS. For details please visit Public; any mobile phone
Valuation Service: This will send back the current value of all your holdings in all the schemes in the specified folio in the specified Fund. Send SMS as CAMS <Mutual_Fund_Code> VAL <folio_number> to 56767 CAMS K VAL 999999999 The total value of your holdings as on <Date of Request> (on latest NAV) under folio number <Folio Number> is Rs.<Asset Value> Investors only; from Registered Mobile Number only
Last Transaction: This will return the details of your last financial transaction in the specified folio in the specified Fund. Send SMS as CAMS <Mutual_Fund_Code> LTR <folio_number> to 56767 CAMS K LTR 999999999 Will depend on the nature of the last transaction. Generally speaking, will give the date, product, price and units Investors only; from Registered Mobile Number only
Account Statement: This service will return an Account Statement to your Registered Email-Id**. Send SMS as CAMS <Mutual_Fund_Code> SOA <folio_number> <password> to 56767
Note: The password length must be 6 characters, and must contain atleast 2 numbers and 2 alphabets.
CAMS K SOA 999999999 ab7854 Will either return an SMS confirmation that an account statement will be emailed; or in the event of error, will report the appropriate error Investors only; from any mobile number to Registered Email-Id only

**Registered Email-ID: To use this service, an email-id must be already registered against the folio.

*Codes: To use the service, you need codes for Mutual Funds and for schemes. Mutual Fund Codes are as below:

Mutual Fund Code Mutual Fund Code
Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund B DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund D
HDFC Mutual Fund H HSBC Mutual Fund O
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund P IDFC Mutual Fund G
IIFL Mutual Fund IF Kotak Mutual Fund K
L&T Mutual Fund F PPFAS Mutual Fund PP
SBI Mutual Fund L Shriram Mutual Fund SH
TATA Mutual Fund T Union Mutual Fund UK

To obtain the scheme code, visit the NAV page at this site by clicking NAV Information on this site, and then the NAV link for the fund you desire. The first column (e.g. "M01") is the Scheme Code.

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