Paper-less, Presence-less KYC

CAMS brings the world of digital convenience to KYC – Aadhaar eKYC. Your investors can now complete KYC in just 3 simple steps @, completely eliminating paper work and in-person verification.

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KYC Process:

With Aadhaar eKYC from CAMS, your investors can complete KYC from the comfort of their home or office without having to provide any documentation

Instant KYC, Immediate Transaction

Completing Aadhaar eKYC with CAMS is instant and also enables investors to transact immediately. Once the 3 step eKYC process is completed, investor can seamlessly open a Mutual Fund account, choose Regular plan, provide your ARN code and complete the purchase transaction through net banking.

Benefits to Distributors

  • No paper KYC form collection and submission at service centers

  • Transaction module in is designed to capture your ARN code when the transaction is initiated by the investor .

  • To protect your relationship with the investor in future transactions, ARN code of the last transaction is automatically populated

  • Your time and effort can be better utilized to build and manage your business

  • Your Investors can enjoy anytime, anywhere digital investing experience with your advice

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