PAN Based Services Request Form
This form may be used to update all folios of a PAN, for all Mutual Funds for which CAMS acts as Registrar and Transfer Agent. You can either enter information in this form and then print it, or simply print the blank form and fill it by hand; either way, please send the filled up form to a Service Centre.

Service Request update based on PAN

I / We request the following update of my static data for all folios where I, __________________________, as holder of PAN Number __________________, am the first holder, in all Mutual Funds serviced by CAMS, based upon this single request.

Email Address
Mobile No.  
Home Phone  
Work Phone  
Statement Delivery Option Email-Only Physical

Please update KYC Status in all my folios in all Funds serviced by CAMS. Enclosed is a copy of the proof of KYC Verification.