CAMS offers a wide range of services for Asset Management Companies (AMCs)

Asset Management Companies can resolve a query raised by a customer across the counter and while on a sales call. For information required in the form of data, CAMS provides a feature on the Web Site where requests for data downloads in standard formats can be made. The downloads will be emailed to a pre-registered email address.


Mail Back Services
Check sales performance by city, find individual distributor performance and ranking, investor queries and more - as a formatted report or as data feed. Check it out!


NIGO Transactions
Get familiar with the business rules for identifying NIGO transactions, to make sure your transaction is taken up for processing...Click here


Service Network
Enables same day transaction processing. Submit transactions, service requests, make enquiries about your balance, valuation or ask for a statement. Our Network!

Account Information

Account Information
Verify the current balance, obtain an account statement, review the sales performance of your Fund or of a distributor, and transact on behalf of your investors using eISC, a secure intranet based application.


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