Common Account Number (CAN) based Statement - CAMS serviced Funds

CAMS introduces Consolidated Account Statement services based on MF Utility Common Account Number (CAN) to manage your Mutual Fund investments. This CAN based statement is generated by consolidating all folios pertaining to your investments across CAMS serviced funds which are mapped to your CAN.

Please be informed that this is an email-only service; if you have not provided an email address in your application form, we will be unable to service this request. For reasons of security, the statement will be encrypted using the password provided by you, and emailed only to the address provided earlier in your application form.

Should you find any folio missing in this consolidation and wish to add the same, allow us to be of service to you in having the same duly registered against your CAN.

 Summary (Only balances and valuation)
 Detailed (Includes transaction listing)

Risk Factors: Please be aware that there is risk that consolidated account statement requested via email can be intercepted by hackers while en-route to your mailbox, or seen by unauthorized individuals if your inbox security is inadequate.

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