Consolidated Pay-In & Pay-Out Statement

You can view your subscriptions in various schemes in various mutual funds serviced by CAMS and also the dividend & redemption details as a detailed statement.

This statement provides the bank details and modes of payment through which you have made the subscriptions. Similarly, the modes of receipt of dividends and redemption proceeds such as cheque or NEFT/RTGS or direct credit are also provided.

The paid/unclaimed status of redemption/dividend amount also can be viewed.

Current Financial Year Previous Financial Year Specific Period


Risk Factors : Please be aware that there is a risk that Portfolio Statements requested via email can be intercepted by hackers while en-route to your mailbox, or seen by unauthorised individuals if your inbox security is inadequate. Please also note that CAMS accepts no liability for contents of the Portfolio Statement, and we strongly urge you to consult a tax professional for advice.

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